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The Royal Woodcutter Reveal (Part 2)!

Day two of the reveal! Only two more days left until I release chapter one!!

So today I will be revealing a bit about the world this story takes place in. I wanted to create my own world, with it's lands, countries, history, etc. But I also wanted to put the real Bible we have into the story as well. And that can cause problems. In most Christian fiction that take place in fantasy worlds, they have a representation of the Bible. That is because a lot of the Bible is history, and in a imaginary world, that history doesn't exist. So it doesn't make sense to mention King David, for example, when Israel doesn't exist in the book.

So how did I reconcile this problem? Well, the world of Aertha is divided into two continents, the east continent and the west continent, call Carcia. Carcia is where the whole story takes place. The east continent is barely mentioned, and represents the real life Europe, Asia, and Africa. Since the American continents aren't mentioned in the Bible, I have replaced them with Carcia. That way, I can have the accurate history of the Bible, while also creating my own lands, peoples, and history in Carcia.

So what is Carcia like. It's a relatively unexplored continent. Two kingdoms lay on the east coast, Rispia to the north and Byrinth to the south. The inhabitants of these kingdoms descend from explorers and settlers from the east continent. A newer kingdom, the Western Villages, lies west of Byrinth. While the story focuses mostly in Byrinth, all three kingdoms will play important roles in the story. There are many ruins on the continent from ancient empires, though the origins and reasons for extinction are mostly unknown.

That's it for this reveal. Tomorrow I'll reveal a bit about the main characters!

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