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The Royal Woodcutter: Update 5

Work on the book has been slower these last couple of weeks. With a new job that has a new schedule, I've been trying to find a new schedule for writing. But I've still bee finding time to get some done.

When I got to the events I had planned for chapters 13 and, I quickly realized I had too much going on for those chapters. So I spread it out into four chapters! Thankfully I've left room in my outline for expansions like that, so I'm still headed for my goal of 90,000 to 100,000 words total.

Also, I am officially over halfway through of the new draft, which is exciting! Everything has been going so much smoother than in my original draft, and though I didn't want to at first, I am now thankful I made the decision to break this into a trilogy.

It doesn't look like I'll finish by the end of the year; I'm guessing closer to February. Please pray that I can stay focused and get this written. I'm dying to see it brought to life!

Finally, here is a little snippet from Chapter 15. I hope you enjoy it!

“Father, Father!” Keely’s excited calls came from behind a rack of clothes. “Can I have this dress?”

The family walked over to see her holding up a full length winter dress. It was a deep blue, with white fur lining. A fur hood finished the elegant look. It was very made for the wealthier of people.

Mr. Greene looked at her sadly. “I’m afraid that one will be a bit too expensive for us,” he said.

Keely’s face saddened as she put it back on the rack. “It’s ok, I’ll look for another.”

“We’re letting Keely buy a new dress for her birthday,” Sylia explained to Robert.

Robert gasped, and felt like punching himself. Keely’s twelfth birthday was a week away, and he had completely forgotten.

“Hold on, Keely,” he said before turning to his father. “How much money do you have to spend on a dress?”

Mr. Greene held up a little pouch of coins. “I wish it was more, but as I said, times have been a bit harder lately.”

Robert was more than willing to pay the whole amount himself, but he knew such an offer would risk offending his father. He opened the pouch, took half the coins, then handed the rest back to his father.

“I’ll pay the rest,” he said. “I can’t forget about my own sister’s birthday, now can I?”

“Thank you, son,” Mr. Greene said gratefully.

Keely jumped with excitement as Robert picked up the dress and brought it over to the tailor.

“How much?” he asked.

The tailor named a price, and as Robert counted out the coins, he remembered Gale’s words. Common folk almost always under price us to try to gain favor. Robert slipped in a couple extra coins to the pile he handed the man.

“Thank you, sir,” the man said.

Robert handed the dress to Keely, her eyes lighting up like stars.

“Thank you, thank you, thank you!” she said, and everyone laughed.

“There is a dressing room over there if you’d like to put it on now,” the tailor said with a smile, pointing to a door off to the side.

Keely rushed inside, and soon came out with the dress on. It fit perfectly, and she spun.

“How does I look?” she asked.

“You look like a princess,” said Robert.

An alarmed whinny from Dusk caught Robert’s attention. He looked out the window to see two men around Dusk. One had his saddlebags[[ Next chapter only mentions book.]] over his arm, and the other was untying the horse. Without hesitation, Robert shouted and pulled his axe off his side. As he charged out the door, the men looked up with surprise. They bolted off, turning down a side street and disappearing from view. Robert shouted again.

The saddlebags have my book!

Robert quickly untied Dusk and mounted.

“What’s going on?” Pyrel asked, appearing from his left. “I heard commotion.”

“Two men took my saddlebags,” said Robert. “They contain a book about the Fire City I bought in Rispia. It has some important information.”

Pyrel’s eyes widened. “I’ll help you. You chase them on Dusk, I’ll follow on foot.”

Robert nodded and galloped off. Please help me find those men, Lord. And please protect us.

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