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The Royal Woodcutter: Two Years! (Update 3)

Hello, everyone! This update will be short. I've made some progress on my story the past week. I started working on chapter 13 and quickly realized what I planned for it was too much. So I've decided to add another chapter, bringing the total to 27. With chapter 13 done, and hopefully good progress on chapter 14 today, I should reach the halfway point for it! I'm so excited!!

As I was writing this update, I realized I missed the two year anniversary of this project! The 15th marked two years since I wrote the first outline for the story and began bringing it to life. At first, progress was slow as I barely worked on the story. But the last several months I have focused more on it. It is rare for me to stay focused this long on a project. But it's coming to pass, and I am so thrilled to finally be able to publish it!

This Saturday, to celebrate, I will be releasing the current drafts of the first two chapters on my website for everyone to read! And in this update, I am sharing a sketch that a good friend of mine drew of Robert! Here it is!

He did a great job, and will be starting on another sketch soon.

Please share this update with your friends and family. Spread the word about The Royal Woodcutter! And thanks to each and everyone one of you who read these updates!

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