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The Royal Woodcutter is a trilogy I am currently working on. Originally, it started as just a single story, but as I started writing it, I soon realized that with the characters and events I wanted to include, it was quickly becoming to large to keep as one story. After some praying and thinking, I decided to break it into three books. 

The Goal

I've always loved reading fiction books, especially ones that take place in the medieval era. The fantasy genre became a quick favorite of mine. As I've grown older, due to convictions that God has given me, I've shied further and further away from books that contain magic. However, it is very hard to find any good medieval fiction books that keep away from magic, even in the Christian realm. So that is one goal with this trilogy: to create a compelling and exciting story filled with fantastical places and creatures while keeping away from magic.

Another goal for this story is to include the actual Bible in this story. Many Christian fiction stories have a book equivalent to the Bible, but not the Bible itself. The main reason for this is because in a made-up world, the peoples and history within the Bible don't exist. My solution to this problem is that in The Woodcutter Trilogy, the eastern continents in our world exist. However, the story takes place on the western continent, a land of my own creation. This way, I can keep the accuracy of the Bible within my story, while still being able to create my own lands and history. 

The Story

The first story centers around Robert, a simple Christian woodcutter living in the kingdom of Byrinth. However, after saving the life of Prince William, he is promoted to the Royal Woodcutter of Byrinth, and moves to the castle. There, he meets new friends, such as the quiet and reclusive Princess Lyda, and faces new adversaries, such as William's older brother, Drayke. Robert loves to learn about ancient cultures and histories, and with access to the castle library and help from Lyda, he is determined to discover the truth regarding the legends of the ancient Fire City. However, he faces opposition from Drayke, and Robert must decide what is most important to him: his own desires and dreams, or being a testimony and witness for Christ.

Keep Updated.

Updates on my progress are posted almost daily on my Facebook page, so be sure to check it out! Also, I plan to start sharing little sneak peaks exclusive to my website, so be sure to subscribe down below to be alerted whenever I share something new!

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