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Corgan's Test

This was something I wrote almost two years ago. It was my first time trying something like this; and I really enjoyed creating it.

General Corgan pondered over maps in a makeshift command center, an abandoned shack at the edge of Antock, a small town at the border of the kingdom of Ashcer. As he studied his maps, his hand was always on the hilt of his sword. Just then, Lieutenant Wacord marched into the shack.

“Sir! The San army is nearly upon us. We MUST move out!” announced Wacord, clearly terrified of the impending doom.

Corgan raised his eyes from his maps until they were staring directly into Wacord’s.

“Retreat, you mean?” And leave this town to the cruelty of the Sans?” spoke Corgan.

“There is no way we can beat them. They have as many as four times the amount of soldiers we have.”

“This is the only area keeping the Sans back. With this town lost, the entire kingdom will be in extreme danger of being completely lost to the San empire.”

“But Sir Corgan, what point is there in staying here? They will just kill us all and nothing will be accomplished. If we retreat, we can move into a better position and secure ourselves. Maybe even give us time to get more troops to make a better defense. There is no purpose in staying here.”

Corgan narrowed his eyes, deep in thought.

“Leave,” he said. “I must think.”

Wacord saluted and left Corgan alone to his thoughts. Corgan thought about the last few months. The Sans had taken kingdom over kingdom over, leaving nothing but destruction in their wake. As they had marched closer to Ashcer, the San’s strength and army grew. They were only a few hours march away now.

Perhaps there was no point in staying. He would surely die, along with all the soldiers under his command. He scanned over his maps once more. Open meadow for miles. No place for his soldiers to dig in. Corgan sighed. Wacord was right. There was no point in staying. No point in putting his soldiers to the death.

“Lieutenant Wacord!” called Corgan.

Wacord marched back into the shack. “Yes sir!”

“Gather the men. We’ll retreat back across the Weeke River, then destroy the bridge. It’ll hold off the Sans for a little while.”

“Yes sir, General Corgan” said Wacord as he left to gather the men. Corgan watched as he left. There was no happiness in his heart, only defeat. As Corgan gathered his maps, he came across a rolled parchment of paper. It was King Christopher's last orders to him.

General Corgan:

My scouts say that the San army in only a few days away from Antock. Do not retreat. Your army is the only thing standing between the Sans and the rest of the kingdom. Keep them at bay. I will send help. You cannot allow them to take Antock.

King Christopher

Corgan read the letter several times. Here he was, getting ready to retreat, while his king told him to stay. But surely if the king knew how big the San army was, surely he would understand. And where was the help that King Christopher promised? Surely it should of arrived by now. King Christopher must understand, retreat was Corgan’s only option.

Corgan gathered the rest of his important papers and left the shack. As he marched down the street to his army, he passed several towns people. Their eyes were full of despair as their only hope was marching off. Corgan tried to ignore them as he reached his army. They were all at attention, ready to march.

“Everything’s ready, General,” said Wacord. “Shall I give the order to march?”

Corgan looked around once more, and thought about the letter he had in his pocket.

“Not yet, I want to speak to them,” said Corgan.

There was a one-story house with a flat roof only a few yards away. Corgan looked around, then grabbed a ladder he saw on the ground. Corgan quickly scaled the ladder and stood on the roof of the building.

“Listed to me,” he shouted. “I gathered you here to together to retreat back to Weeke River. The San army is only a few hours away with many more men than us. However, I have here in my pocket a letter from our beloved king. He commands us to stay and promises help, though we have not seen any yet. I will stay here and obey our king. I will not force anyone to stay. Anyone who wants, can leave and retreat across the river. Everyone else, come with me and prepare for war.”

A cheer arose from the soldiers and town people alike as Corgan climbed off the roof. Wacord waited at the bottom.

“I am afraid to stay,” said Wacord. “But if you wish for me to stay, I will.”

Corgan smiled.

“No,” said Corgan. “I need you to lead the men who are going back across Weeke River.”

Wacord breathed a sigh of relief. “Yes sir!”. Wacord quickly walked away to gather the retreating soldiers.

Corgan watched him leave. He didn’t feel too disappointed in Wacord. He was young and had a lot to learn. Corgan looks around and spotted Lieutenant Loyon.

“Loyon,” he called.” Are you staying?”

“Yes sir!” Loyon called back with enthusiasm. “What are your orders?”

“Gather all the remaining troops to the front lines. Time is running short. We must set up immediately.”

“I’ll do it right away, General,” replied Loyon as he raced off.

Loyon soon had the soldiers on their horses and marched them to the front lines, where Corgan was situated.

“How many decided to stay?” asked Corgan.

“About half,” answered Loyon. “Sir Wacord has already left with the others to Weeke River. I was surprised at how many left. I thought more would obey their king and stay.”

“It’ll be a tough battle. We were outnumbered four to one. Now its eight to one. Let us hope it is enough.”

“Are you afraid?” asked Loyon.

Corgan smiled. “Yes. How about you?”

“Terrified,” came the reply. “But then I remember King Christopher promised help. He will not fail us.”

“Yes, that is true.” Corgan replied. Then he straightened up in the saddle. A line of dust had appeared in the distance. Soon he could make out many, many men on horses galloping towards them. The army of San had arrived. Corgan turned in his saddle to look at his men. Determined faces met his gaze. Corgan turned back to face the enemy. He drew his sword and raised it into the air.

“For the king!” he shouted as he urged his horse onward. His soldiers echoed his call as they drew their swords and charged.

The general of the San army smiled as he saw Corgan’s pitifully few soldiers race towards his massive army. The foolish men, did they really think they could defeat his army? He already had defeated several kingdoms, this one would be the same.

Suddenly the sound of trumpets echoed throughout the air. Chills went down the general’s back as he heard them. Where were they coming from? Then from behind Corgan’s charging forces, thousands of horsemen baring the king’s emblem, burst from the town. Their horses were fast, and quickly surpassed Corgan’s army.

Corgan’s smile couldn’t of been bigger as he saw the king’s army pass by. The king had kept his promise, and just at the right moment! The horses were powerful, and so were the soldiers riding them. They were carrying an assortment of spears and long swords as they rushed to battle.

Suddenly Corgan didn’t feel afraid anymore. Here was the king’s army, here to protect and defend. He felt safe. Corgan glanced over his shoulder to see his men. Their eyes were full of relief, hope, and determination as they charged into the fray.

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