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The Royal Woodcutter Reveal (Part 3)!

Only one for day until Chapter 1 is revealed! But today, I'll tell you about some of the characters in The Royal Woodcutter.

Robert Greene is the main protagonist of the story. He's a strong young man who cuts wood for a living, just like his father did. Robert lives in Byrinth with his parents and three younger siblings: Sylia, Pyrel, and Keely. His three older brothers have married and moved to the Western Villages. Robert longed to go with them, but was not able to. He enjoys his life, but has a spark of discontentment. He longs to explore the unknown and visit new places, but feels trapped with his family. He tries to trust God with the path of his life. And one day, it all changes.

Pyrel is Robert's wiry younger brother. He's quick-witted, sneaky, and able to make friends with anyone. He uses these skills to get great deals in the market, and Robert often has him sell the wood he chops. His father says he could use these skills to be a great merchant, while Robert secretly thinks he could make a clever spy.

Sylia is the next child down from Robert. Her no-nonsense ways don't mix with Pyrel's antics, so they don't get along too well. However, she is very close to Robert, and hates to think of the day when he'll leave the home.

Keely is the youngest, a bouncy little girl who never lets her enthusiasm drain. She's always ready with questions for her older siblings, and is interested in just about everything.

There's one more family that I want to mention, and that is the family of King Thryden Donthyn. King Thryden has three children: Drayke, William, and Lyda. His wife died of an illness several years earlier before this story takes place. Thryden is a good king, his greed tempered by wisdom, so while the taxes may be a bit numerous, they aren't unbearable.

Drayke is slightly older than Robert, and in line to the throne. His temperament is cold, and he looks down on the commoners and others he views as inferior. He surrounds himself with those of similar character. The citizens of Byrinth dread the day he'll take over the throne.

William, only a couple years younger than Drayke, is the complete opposite of his brother. He grew up watching his brother's poisonous attitude, and vowed to never become like that. His friendly and courteous manner makes him well-liked by all who meet him.

Lyda is around the age of Sylia. She was extremely close to her mother, and when she never got over her death. She became very quiet an almost reclusive, talking to almost no-one. She hides herself in books to try to get away from the pain she feels.

That's it for this reveal! Be sure to check back tomorrow for The Royal Woodcutter: Chapter One!!

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