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The Royal Woodcutter Reveal! (Part 1)

Here it is! Day 1 of revealing the full-length story I'm working on. And as you have probably guessed from the title, the name is "The Royal Woodcutter!". It is a Christian-fiction story, and takes place in my own created world, Aertha. The setting is the medieval era. I love reading medieval stories, with wars, conquests, and dragons. But what I don't care for so much is the magic that is so often found in all of them, even Christian ones. I found it increasingly frustrating to come across book after book of Christian fiction that was either somewhat boring and not well written, or full of magic or other strange ideas that I didn't care for.

I find that most Christian fiction falls into two categories. On one side, they teach good morals and Biblically correct doctrine, but focus too much on it and the story lacks action and becomes boring. The flipside is the author puts tons of action and magic in it to keep the story alive and exciting, but quickly loses the depth of Christian faith. That is where the inspiration came from to write this story. I wanted a story that teaches about the Christian faith and shows the struggles Christians face, but at the same time keeps the adventure and excitement constant and fresh. And so, "The Royal Woodcutter" was born. With this story, I will attempt to do just this with God's help.

I am greatly enjoying bringing this story to life, and I'm excited to share the first chapter in just a few days! Come back tomorrow to learn more about the world this story takes place in!

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