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The Real Rainbow!

Not a story this time, but simply a statement for this month. I was bouncing back and forth as to whether I should share this or not, and how bold and upfront I should be. And it was like God told me, "You're a Christian, this is why you're here; to spread the light and give the truth. I gave you this site to use for my glory, stop being afraid and use it to share the truth." So here it goes.

The real rainbow belongs to God, not to twisted people who wish to normalize and embrace a perverseness of what God intends life to be. The real rainbow has seven colors: seven in the Bible represents perfection and God’s design. The sodomite rainbow has six colors; six in the Bible represents the world and wickedness. Kind of interesting. The real rainbow is not about self and pride, but about God and his mercy to this world.

And as to all the pride associated with it, the Bible has something to say about that. Proverbs 16:18 states “Pride goeth before destruction, and an haughty spirit before a fall.”

Sodomy is as much of an “alternate lifestyle” as being a serial killer is or a drug dealer, or an abuser. They are all “alternate lifestyles” of sin, depravity, and rejection of God. God destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah for this sin by fire and brimstone. It is the only sin God judged in this way. What makes you think America will be any different if it keeps going this route?

If anyone in Sodomy reads this, God loves you. So do I, which is why I give this warning. Turn to God, accept Him as your savior, and reject your sin. Follow Christ with your whole heart and you will not be disappointed.

And while I have everyone’s attention: abortion(aka, slaughtering of the helpless and innocent babies) is evil, drugs are evil, liquor is evil, immorality of any kind (mental and physical) is evil. And of course there are many other common things (like lying and stealing), but these seem to be the big points in today’s culture and I want to make clear where I stand.

And finally, a challenge: to everyone who reads this, Christian or not, will you be brave enough to share this on your social media accounts or at least state the same points? To Christians especially: if we are not brave enough to be the light and share the truth, who will?

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