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Sneaky Chipmunk

The chipmunk stared out from among some ferns, closely examining the clearing in front of him. In the center there was narrow pole protruding several feet out of the ground. The top curved downwards then back up a little, forming a hook. Dangling from the hook was what had the chipmunk’s attention. There was a larger container, filled to the brim with all sorts of delicacies. Corn, sunflower seeds, nuts: it made his mouth water just thinking of them.

But why did those funny-looking creatures with the weird feet have to put the food in such a vulnerable place? The birds could get away easily enough. They have those stupid wings. But not the chipmunk.

Carefully, he crept out of his hiding place and pattered across the ground to the pole. He stared at the treasure above. No birds. Good. The loudmouth blue-jays always made an awful racket when they saw him. The smell of the food wafted down, increasing his hunger. Quickly, the chipmunk climbed the pole and leapt onto the feeder. It swayed back and forth as he began to devour the treats. The sunflower seeds were his favorite.

BANG! The chipmunk made a flying leap off the feeder as the noise echoed. Glancing around, he noticed it was just the human, banging on the invisible wall of its den. Silly creature; did it really think that would scare him away from his bounty? Quickly, the chipmunk ran back up the pole to the feeder to continue his feast.

BANG! BANG, came the noise again. Would it just stop it already? Then suddenly, the den opened slightly. And out came… the cat! With a howl, it pounced at the feeder. The chipmunk, after quickly grabbing one more sunflower seed, flew off the feeder just in time. The cat crashed into the feeder, sending it off its hook, hurling through the air. Birdseed went everywhere.

The chipmunk chuckled as he peeked out of his hole in the ferns. He should probably thank the cat someday, and the human too. After all, they just made it a lot easier to get the seed.

Note from author: This was fun little writing I did a while back. I got the idea after a cousin of mine complained about an annoying chipmunk stealing their birdseed. This story was a fun way to work on my describing skills.

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