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God's Creativity

Have you ever stopped to think about the wonder of God’s creation? Have you thought about the amount of variety and beauty that it contains? God created so much in this world, and it’s hard to fathom it all.

God didn’t just make a dull dreary orb for us to live on. Just the opposite. In fact, He made sure the earth was just right and full of beauty before creating us. He created light and water, earth and air. He made life in the water, on land, and in the sky; in the form of both plants and animals. And for everything God made, He made so much variety within it.

Oceans are beautiful, with their crashing waves and massive size. God could have stopped there, and left the earth with one huge body of water. But no, with His creative mind, our wonderful God made the streams, with their soothing trickles. He made the rapids and the waterfalls with their thundering roars and fast-moving currents. Lakes with their smooth glass-like surfaces can be found throughout the world. God even gave water the ability to evaporate into the sky and return to the earth in the form of rain, snow, or ice.

Even with air, there is so much! Air currents flow through the sky, creating warm breezes or bitter wind. Hurricanes sweep the coasts while tornadoes swirl through land. God also uses air to create sound, whether it’s a dog’s barking, a child’s weeping, or an instrument’s soothing music.

God didn’t stop with one type of tree. He didn’t just make the oak tree and move onto the next plant. With His creative mind, he made thousands of different kinds. He made the pointed pine, which stays green in all seasons. He made the willow’s branches droop and the Palm’s few leaves spread out. The vibrant pink of the cherry blossom stands out from the others, while the massive sequoia stands proud and tall.

And that’s just one kind of plant. God made thousands of plants, each with thousands of varieties, ranging in size and color. Massive sunflowers stand taller than men, while lily-pads float along the surfaces of ponds. Spiny cactuses flourish in the harsh deserts, while a myriad of exotic plants grow in the rainforests. Venus flytraps prey on insects. Vines wrap around any object they can find. Potatoes and carrots grow in the ground, but kelp never leaves the watery depths.

What about animals? There isn’t just one kind of bird, one kind of fish, or one kind of mammal. Countless animals of all kinds roam this earth. Miniscule ants scurry around land while the massive blue whale swims through the ocean. Colorful parrots can learn to speak, and dogs can be taught all sorts of tricks. Chameleons change color. Mockingbirds imitate all sorts of sounds. Bats use echolocation. The design and uniqueness to each kind of animal is astounding. And if that wasn’t enough, God made many species for each animal. There are so many different dogs, fish, and butterflies, just to name a few; and they all look so different. God is truly amazing!

But this barely scratches the surface! Various environments within the earth host the so many unique plants and creatures that live here. Deserts are home to burning sand and prickly cactuses. Elephants, zebras, and lions roam the amber plains of the savannah. In the freezing south, penguins and walruses can be seen sleeping on the frozen sheets of ice. The northern great pines are home to wolves, moose, and grizzly bears. Rainforests hold some of the brightest colored plants and animals. Mosquitoes are found in masses among the ferns and weeds of marshes and swamps.

And then God added one more touch: seasons. With each season, so much of His creation changes. Rivers freeze while leaves and snow fall during winter. Blossoms bud and birds twitter about in the spring. Summer is the warmest, giving the plants time to grow. And when autumn comes, the colorful array of leaves looks beautiful.

Through all of creation, God didn’t do anything halfway. He always went above and beyond to create the most vibrant and diverse world possible. Our amazing God made so much for us to enjoy; so next time you step outside see the vast trees and small critters, think about it. God didn’t have to make everything you see; but he did. Don’t let those supposed intellectuals tell you otherwise and steal God’s glory. God alone deserves the praise for His wonderful creation.

Art credit goes to Melissa Denno

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