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Glen's Dilemma

The fair stretched for miles in every direction. All sorts of wares were being sold: fruit, weapons, hats; you name it, it was there. And that was precisely Glen’s problem. So many items, only so much money, and only five hours to find a birthday present for his sister, Michelle. Why, oh why did he wait until the last minute? Every year Glen did this, and he still didn’t learn. After a deep breath, Glen mustered up his courage and marched into the web of vendors, and most likely to his doom.

People were hustling everywhere. Vendors were yelling at the top of their lungs, trying to persuade people to buy from them. Children were crying. Glen had to stop walking to let a man with a wooden goat pass by. At least Glen thought it was a goat; he couldn’t really tell. Whoever sold that thing must be a very good salesman.

An hour went by, and Glen still hadn’t decided. The starfruit sure looked good. But what if Michelle didn’t like it? There was a nice dress he saw that he was sure she would like, but he didn’t know if it was the right size. Or he could buy that life-size porcelain turkey as a joke. A very expensive joke.

After the third hour of browsing, Glen slumped down onto a bench, depressed. There were millions of items here, and he couldn’t decide on anything. Except the starfruit. It was delicious. But now he was a few coins shorter. Glen sighed. This place had everything, yet he couldn’t find anything for his sister, and he had to be back home in two hours for the party. Why did people need birthday presents anyway? So what if she’s a year older? Big deal. She should be satisfied enough that she survived this long; why need presents? But then that logic would apply to Glen, and he really wanted a new knife. With a grunt, he rose off his seat and began searching.

Then it hit him! It was obvious what he must get. It would be the perfect present to give to Michelle. Glen quickly raced back home.

“Happy birthday, Michelle. Here’s some coins. Go to that chaotic maze of a fair yourself and get something yourself. If you buy any starfruit, let me know; that stuff is good.”

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